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Employees encouraged to create crosswords for contest

Need a stress reliever? The Boise State University Association of Office Professionals (BSUAOP) is hosting a campus-wide crossword puzzle contest.

Leslie Black, the BSUAOP president, said the contest is meant to bring competitive fun to the work day.

“The purpose of this contest is to add a little fun to our work days and create some camaraderie and cooperation amongst coworkers,”
Black said.

Employees, including student employees, from the same department, organization, or unit are encouraged to team up (between three and eight members) and create a 30 to 50 clue and answer puzzle.

“It will also be an educational tool to learn more about parts of Boise State that each one of us does not work in,” Black said.

All answers must be able to be found on the Boise State website.

Employees are encouraged to use a crossword puzzle generator to create their puzzle.

When completed, puzzles can be sent to Shelly Doty at by March 10.

After puzzles are checked for accuracy and educational content, the accepted ones will be made available by April 1 for all students to solve.

Employees can work in groups of three to eight members (they do not need to be from the same department, organization, or club) to solve all puzzles posed.

All completed puzzles can be sent in one document via email to Danya Lusk at The first team to correctly solve every puzzle will win a $100 restaurant gift card.

All winners will be announced and prizes awarded at the Bosses Breakfast on Friday, May 9.