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ASBSU runs out of club funding

By: Mallory Barker and Terra Chambers

Rocket Club received $4,000 dollars from Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) this year. This club designs, builds, launches and reuses high power rockets. Fortunately for these rocket builders, they have already received their grant. Unfortunately for any new clubs being formed this year, ASBSU is out of club funding.

Money is allocated based on the amount of money clubs apply for. Each club is eligible for a maximum of $4,000. The maximum used to be $3,500; increasing the amount clubs are eligible for is part of why ASBSU is out of club funding.

Megan Buxton, secretary of student organization affairs, explained how this happened.

“This means that we were able to fund more activities and extend the reach of our funding,” Buxton said. “We did a better job advertising it and have had more clubs apply for funding.”

With over 200 clubs and organizations, ASBSU has their hands full trying to allocate funds appropriately.

“ASBSU allocates over 60 percent of our budget to fund student clubs and organizations,” Buxton said.

Josh Ketner, budget director, also commented on why ASBSU have run out of club funding.

“We spent about the same amount as last year,  we just had more clubs asking for money earlier in the year compared to last year,” Ketner said. “There are still a lot of events on campus that haven’t happened yet that we funded. A lot of clubs were on top of it and submitted their grants months in advance.”

This is the first time ASBSU has run out of funds. Right now, ASBSU is discussing changes for next year. ASBSU will be looking into many aspects of the Funding Board and the clubs. They are going to look at the structure, amount of clubs, amount eligible and even survey clubs to see what can be improved.

ASBSU is hoping to be proactive in preventing a scarcity in the future. In previous years there were still funds left over so this is a whole new ball game for ASBSU.

The clubs will only be impacted if they did not request funds early. However,  this could mean events or conferences may be hindered.

“Clubs are encouraged to apply early and have the knowledge that funding is a finite resource that they are eligible for and not guaranteed,” Buxton said.

While some people may see the lack of funds as a problem, ASBSU is actually quite proud of their funding scarcity.

“We feel like this is a good problem to have. We have been able to fund more activities and clubs and although we had unlimited resources, there is only a certain amount we are able to allocate,” Buxton said.

Buxton encourages anyone with questions to contact her at

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