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Reinhart dominates in Broncos conference win

Sophomore Kayla Reinhart stepped up for her team when they needed her the most.

“I was really proud of her stepping up. She is a very good player and a great kid,” head coach Gordy Presnell said. “We are lucky to have her.”

She played a vital role in the Broncos’ 72-59 home victory over the Wyoming Cowgirls.

“It feels really good coming off the loss to Fresno— that was a tough one,” Reinhart said. “It’s really exciting getting this win and holding our position in the Mountain West standings right now.”

Reinhart started in place of fellow sophomore Lexie Der who suffered a season ending injury.

Reinhart would have had a career game for the Broncos.

“I wish I didn’t have to start for Lexie because she is such a big part of this team and we are going to miss her,” Reinhart said. “I’m hoping I can step up and fill her shoes.”

In her first ever start as a Bronco, Reinhart led her team in points with 13. She was perfect from the three point line and also added three rebounds and one steal for the Broncos.

“It was a good performance for me,” Reinhart said. “I love to shoot the ball and it was going down for me tonight.”

It wasn’t apparent in her performance, but Reinhart was in jeopardy of missing the game for the Broncos as well. She had been battling the flu all week.

“Unbelievable performance,” Presnell said. “She hadn’t practiced and had a 103 degree temperature the day before yesterday, but gradually her fever went away and she stepped up for us big time.”

Despite not feeling her best, Reinhart went out there and gave it her all in the win.

“She had a great performance,” teammate Deanna Weaver said. “She had the flu but she came in and muscled up and played hard and kept knocking down shots. She just played great and it was really exciting.”

Reinhart this season has been the best bench player for Boise State. She has averaged 6.5 points per game and was the obvious choice to come in and fill the void left by Der.

“I know she is capable of playing amazing and know she can do a lot more,” Weaver said. “We are just happy to have her here and have her playing.”

Reinhart will now become an integral player for Boise State. Her play will be key to how the Broncos finish the season.

“It’s important for me to know when I can get my shots and when I can get somebody else open and get them a shot,” Reinhart said. “That’s a very important thing for me to do.”

With the win the Broncos remain in third place in the Mountain West and are hoping to close the season on a high note before Mountain West Tournament play starts.

“I think it’s really important for us to keep working hard,” Reinhart said. “Everyone is tired but you just got to muscle through because this is the tough part of the season and the most important part, so we just have to keep pushing hard.”


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