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Haps with the Apps: Allthecooks


Silvia Curioni, Rafael Sanches, Luciano Curioni




iOS and Android


4.5 out of 5


Users can create a personal profile, browse through photos of uploaded recipes and see what looks appetizing. Recipes are peer reviewed and there is a Q&A section to help out those struggling to make or modify a particular dish. Nutritional facts are available with each recipe and shoppers can reference lists of ingredients while at the grocery store.


-Convenience: Those attending college with a variety of ingredients laying around can enter what is available  into the Allthecooks app and generate a lengthy list of possible recipes. For example, entering ground beef, pasta and avocado returned over 100 recipes, complete with photos, preparation times and complete directions from start to finish. Since Boise State’s on site restaurants close early, getting something to eat on campus may mean finding something to cook.

-Money: In 2012, the average American household spent 43 percent of their food costs on dining out. The USDA report from 2012 listed average yearly per capita food costs at $4,382. A similar USDA study from 2011 showed that on average, vegetables cost consumers about 50 cents per one cup serving. While some may argue eating out costs the same as dining in, due to food delivery and production costs, students can still potentially save cash by preparing their own portioned meals.

-Health benefits: Preparing meals at home allows students to directly control caloric intake as well as the nutrition quality of ingredients used. A recent USDA study showed Food Away From Home (FAFH) habits resulted in higher caloric intake and lower diet quality among Americans. Families who created portioned, nutritional meals at home showed improvements in overall health and life quality.

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