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11th Hour News is Ryan Hoffman’s take on world events

Topic One: Almost exactly two years after their initial arrests sparked worldwide headlines, members of everyone’s favorite Russian punk band Pussy Riot were arrested by police near Sochi.

They were released the next day and then beaten by security guards less than 24 hours later while attempting to film a music video for their song, “Putin Will Teach You to Love the Motherland” (given the band’s leanings, this is probably not a “praise Putin” type of song.)

According to Amnesty International and The Guardian, the police arrest was related to a theft at a hotel the band was staying at, and the security guards were actually working for the Olympics.

Topic Two: Hypothetical scenario: You’re driving down Interstate 86 to visit your cousin in Salt Lake,.Just as you cross the Utah border, a cop pulls you over and asks to see
your ID.

The problem? If you’re 18-20, you may have to say goodbye to that cigarette you’ve been puffing on. In a recent article in the Denver Post, new studies concerning the number of smokers who begin the habit in their teens has prompted lawmakers in both Utah and Colorado to consider raising the tobacco age to 21.

This law is actually admirable coming from two of the most highly conservative states in the nation (or maybe it’s because of this reason. You can never tell with these people.)

Topic Three: The United States and Japan are usually on good terms with each other, but recently, relations are becoming a little more tense.

A New York Times story published last week highlights comments made by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s political associates as exceptionally nationalistic in tone and criticizing the United States for not recognizing Japan’s role in managing China along with the United States.

All I can say is, if we do end up going to war with each other, let’s hope all of the anime survives, am I right?

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