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Student Voices: Guns on Campus

The Arbiter


Do you think concealed weapons should be allowed on campus?

Jacob Nelson


“I don’t. I just think it causes unnecessary stress on campus with everyone.”

Jacob Nelson
Political science



Hannah Zavaletta


“I don’t think they should. I think if anything maybe professors should have them…I’m pro gun but I just don’t think they need to be on campus.”

Hannah Zavaletta
General Studies



Robby Jost


“I don’t feel that they shouldn’t be allowed on campus but I don’t think it’s necessary. I think that it’s still within our second amendment to be able to carry a concealed weapon though.”

Robby Jost


Ellie Alsoufi


“I do because it is our constitutional right. And that’s where I stand on the matter.”

Ellie Alsoufi
Lead cashier
Boise River Cafe
 The staff of The Arbiter conducted a poll of students on campus as to whether or not they believed concealed carry weapons should be allowed. At the time of publication 62 students had been interviewed. The results of that poll are represented below in a graph.chart

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