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Proposed student fees/tuition increases

Boise State held its annual student fee/tuition proposal hearing for the 2014-2015 school year on Monday, Feb. 24.

Moderated by Lisa Harris, Ph.D., vice president for student affairs, the Executive Budget Committee heard proposals from several units. All but one asked for an increase in student fees with reasons ranging from increased operating expenses to creating new opportunities for students to show potential employers their work.

Several students and faculty members gave their opinions to the committee.

“Determining to what extent programs are relevant and are useful and worthy of students’ dollars to further their use (is something we’re faced with every year),” said Jeremiah Shinn, assistant vice president for Student Life.

Juan Flores, a junior mechanical engineering major, explained why he believes student research needs to be funded by student fees.

“(Research) has opened new doors for me,” Flores said.

Flores has presented at a number of conferences, many of which featured executives from companies including Boeing, Microsoft and Ford.

“It has taught me new skills that have allowed me to stand out in the crowd,” Flores said.

The conversation moved toward the implementation of the “linear tuition” model, in which students will pay for each credit they are enrolled in as opposed to one lump sum. Thirteen credits would be considered “full time” as opposed to 12 credits, and anything above 14 credits would add an additional fee.

The Executive Budget Committee will deliberate on the tuition and fee proposals and develop recommendations for the university and State Board of Education for consideration.

The recommendations will then go to President Bob Kustra.

The final budget will be decided on in April when the board meets in Moscow to present their proposed recommendations to the SBOE.