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Future of the Quad

Kaikoo, or the large red sculpture on the quad, has left the university after almost a 30-year residency, having been donated in 1985 by sculptor Betty Gold.

Christy Jordan, director of Capital Planning and Space Management, commented on what will be taking
its place.

“Campus Planning and Facilities is in the process of putting together preliminary plans to redevelop the area where Kaikoo was removed; a new sculpture is not included in the plans for that particular area,” Jordan said.

Psychology and pre-occupational therapy major Alyssa Shoup provided some insight on what she would like to see in the quad.

“I’m pretty much good with anything, but it should be something that people will enjoy and respect,” Shoup said.

Fine Arts Manager Holly Gilchrist discussed the future of Kaikoo.

“Late last fall, before the sculpture was removed, it was determined that the iconic campus sculpture would be relocated to a new site and refurbished once the ground is acceptable for doing so,” Gilchrist said.

The new location has yet to be decided.

Much is up in the air right now, but those within the university are hard at work putting plans together.

As for who gets the last word in, the University Art Collections Committee handles final recommendations on selection and placement of all artwork on campus.

ASBSU assembly speaker Lauren Albright urges any students interested in the future of the site to attend the next assembly meeting on March 5 from 4:30-5:30 p.m. in SUB  Hatch Ballroom C-D, where  Lisa Harris, vice president for student affairs, will address the topic.