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Breaking Expectations: Channel your inner zombie

My current obsession is AMC’s hit TV show, “The Walking Dead.” Zombies and gore aren’t my thing at all, especially when they occur after dark. But for whatever reason, TWD is able to push my fears of being eaten alive by a zombie to the side and let me enjoy an hour filled with certain death, gore and occasionally a romantic endeavor.

It doesn’t hurt that several acquaintances enjoy the show as much as I do; it is a catalyst for weekly communication, which ultimately leads to conversations focusing on other topics. It’s weird to say, but TWD has helped me become more social.

Every Monday morning, I walk into work, eager to discuss what character was killed off and how badass Michonne was with her machete and get reactions from the rest of my coworkers. It has given me the ability to easily connect with people who I normally wouldn’t reach out to because of my initial shyness.

Finding something you have in common with those around you can turn an awkward situation around, creating an instant bond.

Eavesdrop on conversations around you. Listen for topics that interest you, topics on which you can hold a five-minute conversation. Whether it’s TWD or “House of Cards,” or even a mutual love for Chik-Fil-A, find a common ground and go from there.

I may also be trying to channel my inner Beth, attempting to break out of my shell and becoming a zombie slayer because the world has forced me to. Okay, maybe I’m not a zombie slayer (I don’t like weapons, or zombies or having to live without indoor plumbing), but you catch my drift.

Don’t wait for something to force you to communicate and be among the living. Go out and do it while you can without having the fear of being among the dead.