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Trivia Night tests student’s knowledge

Calling all fact freaks, trivia buffs and trivia fanatics. The Student Involvement and Leadership Center (SILC) will be hosting a trivia night on Wednesday, Feb. 26. This event will be held in the Student Union Building (SUB) dining area beginning at 7 p.m.

For those who love the Olympics or trivia this night is the place to be. All questions will be Olympic themed, both summer and winter. Students can come in teams of four, or make a team when they get there. Either way, you can show off your knowledge in a fun way. There will be three rounds of four questions and some optional bonus points. According to co-lead Thomas Camara, “It’s really fun and some people can get enjoyment out of testing their knowledge. It’s fun and on top of that you have chances to win prizes, possibly concert tickets.”

This semester SILC is working on diving headfirst into trivia night. So far they are shooting for doing trivia night once a month, with every month having a new trivia night theme. The most recent trivia night had a winter theme.

The SILC provides Boise State students with fun activities to meet people. From trivia night, to the Thursday night Blockbuster series, to holiday themed events like Stupid Cupid, the SILC provides many activities for students trying to meet new people.

In the coming months the SILC will be hosting even more trivia nights, along with their weekly movie nights and they will even be hosting a comedy night with some of the cast from the popular MTV shows “Girl Code” and “Guy Code.”

Trivia night is a great way to get involved with others on campus, all the while showing off all that you know. Who knows, you might even win a gold in trivia for team Boise State.

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