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Club Rev opens for all ages

“Are y’all havin’ a good time tonight,” screamed the DJ. The crowd responded with an affirmative scream that quite possibly deafened everyone in attendance.

Club Rev, located in Garden City at the Revolution Center, had a successful first night last Thursday with over 1,200 people in attendance.

The atmosphere was filled with high energy and good moods.

They played an array of music from hip-hop to Top 40 and even electric dance music.

The Revolution Center revamped their venue to better accommodate a club-like event.

Cody Pokorski, a  Boise State student who is interning for All Access Boise, had high expectations for the event.

“Nobody really hits the 18 and up night events and it’s a big revenue stream to hit. No one has really been successful with it in Boise. With all the money and production we put into it, we really think it’s going to be successful this time. We have artists booked through April,” Pokorski said. “We went in and bought CO2 cannons, confetti cannons and lasers, along with a bunch of cool stuff.”

The club is open to 18 and older and includes free entry and bar access to 21-year-olds.

Club Rev will be open every Thursday night with new performers each week and is an activity for students to get out and let loose.

However, minors under the age of 21 drinking before going out may cause trouble.

Club Rev checks IDs at the door and again at the bar when buying drinks.

If minors are obviously intoxicated then they may be removed from the club. Pokorski  also mentioned the precautions the club itself was taking.

“The revolution center has pretty good security,” Pokorski said. “They use the same security team every time that is really good at controlling crowds but my boss also hired extra security for the first event to make sure everything goes smoothly.”

Pokorski said after the event he wasn’t aware of any security problems and that the night went very well.

If students  live in campus housing or are on campus at all then there is no alcohol consumption allowed (except in 21+ areas of Lincoln Town Homes) and if found, students will be written up and sent to the residential director for punishment.

“Overall our priority is that students are safe. End of story. Towards the upper end of the sliding scale of intoxication, if students’ behavior is directly related to alcohol or aggression, our staff will confront  those individuals, make sure they’re OK, and address whatever behavior that is,” said Dean Kennedy, director of housing and residence life.

“As you get to the higher end of individuals being more intoxicated, we may call campus security, the police department or an ambulance, but our main priority is that students are safe.”

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  1. It's good to know there is a safe place for 18's and up to have fun. I hope Club Rev is a success. Thanks to Miss Jacobs for letting us know about your new venue. Well written.__Mrs. Miles Maclaren

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