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Study Tip: Exercise

Courtesy: Maria Shimel

We all know that exercise is good for the body, but is it good for the mind too?  I recently read a 2013 New York Times article that offered an interesting comparison between two studies and proposed that exercise actually helps students retain material… but only in moderation.

The first study involved a German college that split up three groups of students into light study without exercise, light study after exercise, and light study during mild exercise (easy pace on a treadmill).

The study ended up concluding that the students who were exercising while learning did remarkably better than any of the other participants.

The second study showed contrary results between two groups who were reading an in-depth chapter of a text book, one not exercising and one intensely exercising (elliptical).

In this study, the intense exercise did nothing for the students immediately, although the next day recall was on par with the students who didn’t exercise.

From this comparison we can conclude mild exercise while studying is a great way to stimulate your body and brain to be receptive to new information (not to mention the other benefits of working out).

This method is not a quick fix and can sometimes take a day for the information to process, but if you are having trouble balancing your study and work-out sessions this is a neat idea that might do the trick for you!