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Mountain West Indoor Championships approach

The Mountain West  Indoor Championships kick off next week for the Boise State track and field team.

“It’s always nice because everyone gets together and cheers everyone on,” senior thrower Matt Post said. “It gives us a chance to finally be a team.”

The Broncos have had a great indoor season thus far and have become one of Boise State’s most successful teams this season.

“It’s going to be very exciting and we are going to do a lot of damage at the championships,” Post said.

Even with a brand new coaching staff this season and the Broncos haven’t been hindered by learning a new system.

“It’s been very different because of the new coaches but everyone is coming together at the right time,” Post said. “Everyone is starting to peak correctly so it should be a big meet for us.”

While it was a little challenging at first, the Broncos overcame that obstacle fairly quickly.

“It really just shows the character of our team,” Post said. “We went through a lot over the last year and it just shows that we are a really hardworking group of people that focus on the goals that
we set.”

Boise State has gotten great performances all across the board this season and it has been a true team effort.

“As a team we know where we’re headed,” senior jumper Kimberly Miller said.  “We’re confident in that if it shows in practice it’s going to show over in the meets as well.”

So what has been the key to the success of the Broncos this season?

“Consistency. Consistency at practice; consistency in the weight room and I really believe everyone is working hard to achieve the main goal,” Miller said.

But that isn’t the only thing the Broncos are doing that is yielding success.

“We are all buying in finally,” Post said. “It was hard at first but everyone is fully committed to what the coaches want and it’s benefitting everyone.”

So how will the Broncos bring this early season success to the Mountain West Indoor Championships?

“We have to believe in ourselves,” Miller said. “The foundation is already built from last semester, working and conditioning, in the weight room and at the practice.”

Boise State will also look to rely on the strong bond that they share as a team.

“We definitely are going to focus on being more supportive as a team,” Miller said. “We know we need to support each and every teammate and be there and cheer for them because they need us.”

The Broncos will look for a good showing and will look to carry that momentum to the outdoor track and field season.

“We have to believe in what we are doing,” Post said. “We are all very skilled at what we are doing and if we just believe and focus on what we’re doing we will be alright.”

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