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Crime alert: Unattended items stolen from library

Members of the Boise Police Department assigned to Boise State University are seeing a concerning number of reported thefts on campus.  A common theme is victims who left their property unattended.  These thefts provide a good lesson for all of us to be watchful and to secure our valuables.

Victims often report “spreading out” and getting settled in to their studies, then get side tracked or shift focus onto research, a phone call, using the restroom or other task which takes them or their attention away from their property.  Officers commonly hear from victims that they were only gone for a short time and gave no thought to the fact that leaving their property unattended could make them a target for an “opportunistic criminal”.

Items reported stolen include laptops, cash from purses and text books which may be sold or traded, cell phones, jackets and backpacks.

Unattended property theft is one of the most common yet easily preventable crimes officers are called to. Remember: to a would-be thief, unattended property is simply there for the taking.

Lost property may also just be the beginning. Theft can lead to identity theft, the loss of irreplaceable personal items, important contact information in electronic devices and the loss of valuable research data or papers that may never be recovered.

The Boise Police Department encourages students to:

  • Always monitor their property and be aware of their surroundings.
  • Record the make, model and serial numbers of personal property. Photos of items are also helpful to provide officers if the item is stolen.
  • Report suspicious activity to police or campus security.

Thank you for being a partner in securing the safety of our campus community.


Lt. Rob Gallas, Boise Police Department BSU Unit