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Hundreds gather for Add the Words

Add the Words capitol demonstration (Devin Ferrell/The Arbiter) A child looks up through the capitol rotunda as demonstrators fill the area. (Devin Ferrell/The Arbiter)
Capitol Demonstration (Devin Ferrell/The Arbiter)

Hundreds of demonstrators littered the capitol rotunda on Monday Feb. 17 protesting HB 427. (Devin Ferrell/The Arbiter)

Meridian business owner Caleb Hansen stood in support of Add the Words demonstrators at the capitol Monday Feb. 17.

He and his peers held signs reading “Discrimination is Unpatriotic” and “Idaho is too great a state to Discriminate.”

“I’ve seen the Add the four Words campaign and read about HB 427 a little bit and it sickened me,” Hansen said.

Hansen explained he was tired of being silent and decided to support his fellow citizens.

“I’ve just been thinking about it the last few weeks and this is something I do care about and I just had a little bit of time today to help out,” Hansen said.

Demonstrators like Hansen stood on at every level of the capital, holding signs and chatting with one another as legislation and state affairs commenced in various chambers.

Capitol Demonstration (Devin Ferrell/The Arbiter)

Add the Words advocates in the capitol rotunda. (Devin Ferrell/The Arbiter)

Participant and Saint Alphonsus Administrator Jane Larsen said she doesn’t see the Add the Words movement going away anytime soon.

“I think when there are this many people that believe this is the next right thing to do, you’re not going to be able to shut it down,” Larsen said. “This is the right thing to do and I want to live in a state that doesn’t discriminate.”

Demonstrators remained peaceful throughout the event and no arrests were made.

Capitol Demonstration (Devin Ferrell/The Arbiter)

Add the Words proponents in the capitol rotunda Monday Feb. 17. (Devin Ferrell/The Arbiter)

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