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Surviving Single’s Awareness Day

So you’re single on Valentine’s Day. Guess what? The world isn’t over.

In fact, it’s still a day to be celebrated, and there’s really no reason to let it upset you or make you bitter. The real theme of the day is to appreciate your loved ones. Whether that loved one be a boyfriend, a best friend or yourself, remember to celebrate the people you love.

According to a study conducted at UCSD and published in Science Daily, people will be more likely to do a good deed if you do a good deed for them.

Think of a chain reaction. You send your best friend a card for Valentine’s Day, that inspires her to do a good thing for someone else, so on and so forth. If that’s not in the theme of Valentine’s Day then what is? Spreading
happiness and putting good into the world should never be undermined because of the simple fact you’re single on a day that celebrates love.

I see so many advertisements or jokes about, “Single’s Awareness Day” or how overplayed Valentine’s Day is. I don’t understand why it’s bad to have a day that celebrates love. Maybe we put too much stake in one type of love and we don’t take the time to value the other kinds so all the more reason to remind your mom you appreciate her, right?

Not to mention, the day is also a great excuse to indulge yourself. And how can you hate a day that is a great excuse to do something for yourself? Get your nails done. Get a massage. After all, you’re allowed to love you. You don’t need somebody else’s approval to celebrate yourself. You don’t need someone else to give you gifts, so go buy yourself the shirt you’ve been looking at or the new pair of jeans you need so desperately.

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