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New weight equipment at Rec Center

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There is always a thrill from getting new things. The idea of something new and shiny is sure to make everyone happy. This is no different for Boise State’s Rec Center, which is getting new shipments of weight training equipment. This week marks the end of a long two-year process to bring new weight training equipment to campus.

The process has not been a short or easy one. This idea started two years ago by doing research on what was needed. There were trips to trade shows to test the equipment, investigate what steel, welds and material is used in the equipment. The next step was to pick out the equipment that was desired or needed.  Most equipment manufacturers have a direct vendor that works with companies.

Cala Sielaff, assistant director of fitness and aquatics, has been responsible for this project and dealing with the manufacturers. She discusses with each manufacturer what is desired and needed. The manufacturer then presents a spec sheet which list all the specs of that particular equipment. Once this step is done then the process goes to bid. During the bid process the sale goes to the lowest bidder, through state policy. Once it goes to bid it is out of the rec’s hand and now the purchasing department is dealing it.

“We are trading out somewhere around 60 pieces in the weight room,” Sielaff said.

Most of the equipment is still waiting to arrive, but there is some new equipment already available for use. The large number of equipment being traded is to help the students get the best and safest workout.

All of the old equipment is being sold to a Global Fitness to refurbish the equipment. They will come and pick up the equipment, haul it off, refurbish it, and then sell it to other companies.

The new equipment is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, Feb. 12, and the weight room is scheduled to be closed until late afternoon on Feb. 14.  Even though the weight room is scheduled to be closed for these days, the rest of the Rec will be open. Members are encouraged to use the rest of the gym for those few days.

According to Sielaff, there are student complaints about the weight room being closed.

“We are expecting that there is a little bit of disgruntled members because of the inconvenience of having to close the weight room,” Sielaff said. “But the end product is what we are trained to focus on with our customers.”

Sielaff is extremely happy with all the new products that are coming to the weight room, including a platform, new squat racks and benches. The staff is trained to encourage the members to focus on the end result and the new equipment coming to Boise State.

Kayd Christensen, a junior majoring in civil engineering, seems happy about the new equipment, even if it means having to close the weight room.

“It’s nice. Having new stuff is good,” Christensen said.

When asked if he is okay with the weight room having to be closed, Christensen said, “Yeah.”