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Netflix Picks: Couples vs. Solo

Netflix Picks: Valentine’s Day Edition

Movies to watch with your significant other vs. Movies to watch solo




Drinking Buddies:

Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson star in this movie about two friends who work together at a brewery and begin to fall for each other despite both being in separate relationships. Watch this offbeat romantic comedy with your significant other this Valentine’s Day weekend to laugh and (hopefully) agree that you’re meant for each other.


Tonight You’re Mine:

Filmed in four days at Scottish music festival “T in the Park,” “Tonight You’re Mine” is the story of two feuding musicians who end up handcuffed together. Between the awesome music and the the pure craziness of the music festival, you hardly even notice the two falling for each other. Beware: This movie will make you want to buy music festival tickets.




Blue Valentine:

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams star in “Blue Valentine,” a story about a couple which spans over many years, with a giddily romantic beginning and a confusing and depressing demise. This is a movie that is definitely best for watching alone because of the embarrassing amount of chocolate and tissues that viewers will go through while watching.


Like Crazy:

A crazy love story indeed, a British college student falls for her American classmate. When she overstays her visa, she is banned from the United States and the two are forced into a very long distance relationship. With a movie this tormenting to see, make sure to watch it alone so that you may yell at your television screen in peace.

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