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Students meet with legislators

By: Brooke Ranieri

Jan. 23 marked the annual Day at the Capitol for Boise State. It was a day in which the opportunity to speak up was presented to students and staff alike. Multiple legislators gathered round to listen and digest the experiences of students, forced to take notice to the clubs and organizations that help our University and students thrive.

Organizations such as ASBSU, the Career Center, Service-learning program, ISTEM, I Do Teach, the FireLab workstation to demonstrate 3D modeling and the Honors College were present. In addition to the representation of  clubs and organizations, around 45 student ambassadors were able to meet with the legislators.

Several students and former students found this occasion even more rewarding, as legislators presented multiple internships to those in attendance.

ASBSU President Brian Vlok looked back on the experience, he solidified the significance of Day at the Capitol.

“Our purpose was not to prove that we’re the best by any means. Our goal was to clarify that higher education, and education in general, is our top priority. The more educated people, the better the economy, and the better the economy, the more people want to stick around,” Vlok said.

The students and organizations exhibited the student body, reiterating not only the significance of education, but the consistency of education to spark passion and growth to everyone in the Boise State community.  Barry Newell, a student who attended the event, explained why it was so impactful for him.

“This event allowed us to show the faces of our school rather than the legislators hearing from a bunch of guys in suits. Legislators want to see what the constituents face, what they are doing in their lives, in their schools and in their communities,” Newell said.

In all, the face of the Boise State student body was hopefully able to do more than make a lasting impression. It is the hope of ASBSU that the legislators were able to see the evident need for continual funding towards  education.

“The Day at the Capitol was a time where the achievements our students have made could be illuminated in hopes of better representing that the need of funding in Idaho’s higher education is a priority,” said Megan Buxton, a fourth year student and a member of  ASBSU.