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Bikin’ For Lovin’ kicks off Valentine’s Day early

On Feb. 7, 2014, many Boise residents rubbed their eyes in disbelief as they watched a parade of bikers brave the snow, decked out in pink and red for the annual Bikin’ For Lovin’ ride. The event is hosted by the Boise Bicycle Project (BBP). Bikin’ For Lovin’ just saw its fifth year.

Despite the snowy and icy conditions, the cycling enthusiasts still managed to make it happen.

At 7 p.m., riders met up at the BBP’s doorstep to hangout and drink a few beers before the big ride. At 8 p.m., bikers bundled up and went for a ride through Boise, making their final destination the Boise Brewing Co.

“Last year’s Bikin’ for Lovin’ was the first social ride I participated in and I didn’t know many people in the bike community yet,” said Gracie Bingham, a BBP volunteer. “It was a wonderful way to connect with fellow bike-lovers.”

All who attend the event year after year will only say how much fun it is. But how does an event like this get thought up?

“Our executive director, Jimmy Hallyburton, created Bikin’ for Lovin’.  He jokes that his dream is for two people to find a date for Valentine’s Day on this pre-V-Day ride,” said Daniell Grubbs, the engagement coordinator at the BBP. “We also want to see more people use their bicycles during the winter months, and this is a fun way to celebrate riding bikes.”

Although it isn’t for everyone, the event seems to kick off Valentine’s Day perfectly.

“The best part about being involved with this event is seeing Boise’s cycling community come together, no matter the person’s background, to celebrate each other, bicycles and great beer,” Grubbs said. “We also play silent black and white films on the shop’s big screen.  It creates this hauntingly romantic ambiance, which I love.”

The way to look at something like Bikin’ For Lovin’, is don’t knock it till you try it. Many are surprised at just how much fun the ride through the cold can be.

“Last year was my first Bikin’ for Lovin’. I stood around with my mouth on the floor because I didn’t really understand how so many people could be excited about riding together in the cold, cold weather,” Grubbs said. “It’s a powerful and tangible energy and very contagious.  In general, everyone is supportive and welcoming.”

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