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Boise State likely to stay open despite weather Feb. 8, 2014

For those who have classes on Saturday, Feb. 8, Boise State will likely remain open despite snow fall. The Provost sent out an update included in its entirely below. Check back for updates.
Courtesy Provost’s office
Dear Campus Community:
Tonight the weather service is predicting up to 2 inches of snow. But it is highly unlikely that the University will close if the weather impacts are of the magnitude predicted.
FOM personnel will focus their snow-clearing on walkways to those buildings in which classes will be held on Saturday.
As always, faculty members and students will need to exercise discretion to ensure that trips made to campus can be accomplished safely.
If you are a faculty member teaching on Saturday, please keep your students informed as to the status of your class.  
Information on closure procedures at the university may be found at
Provost Martin Schimpf