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K-Fusion Korean Barbeque adds flavor to Boise

Boise natives have been very patiently waiting for a Korean barbecue to come to town. The wait has finally come to an end.

K-Fusion Korean Barbeque recently opened on Broadway Avenue. in Boise, attached to the Broadway Bar.

The tiny space makes up in atmosphere what it lacks in size. Small tables run along the walls of the restaurant.

The walls are dark grey, bordering on black, and the décor of the eatery follows the simplistic suit.

The menu ranges from traditional dinners like hot stone bibimbap (a mixture of marinated beef, mushroom, lettuce, carrots, spinach, squash and beansprouts served over rice and with a raw egg served on top) to lunch box specials and rice bowls.

The lunch specials are most affordable for those college students on a budget and are served Monday through Friday between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

The tofu and vegetable salad is a simple start, offering up a pile of sweetly flavored dressing surrounded by cold tofu squared, topped with cherry tomatoes.

As far as the lunch boxes, the chicken teriyaki is perfect for those not ready to jump into the more traditional Korean fare. Tender chunks of chicken are served atop white rice and drizzled with a mixture of teriyaki and other sauces to create a delicious lunch.

The beef bulgogi box is similarly served, but does not pack as much flavor as the chicken teriyaki.

Each lunch box is served with a small portion of jeon, or traditional Korean pancake, a small salad, pickled vegetables and japchae, a sweet clear noodle dish.

The variety makes for a diverse meal.

More traditional appetizers are served such as paprika mandu and cheese potato gratin.

Desserts offered include Hoddock and ice cream and pumpkin soup.

Soft drinks as well as a small beer and wine selection round out the menu.

Overall, the setting is comfortable for a lunchtime visit and the lunch box is worth the price and will keep those not into traditional Korean fare inside their comfort zone.

The daytime menu has surely been scaled back for the average American palate. To get a more traditional experience, try dinner.

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