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Tough Guise 2 to screen at Boise State

On Thursday, Feb. 6 the Women’s Center, partnered with the Gender Studies Club and Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honor Society, will bring the film “Tough Guise 2” to
Boise State.

According to Dan Morgan, gender equity peer educator for the Women’s Center, the message of this film is to address how mainstream media depicts a never-ending cycle of harmful and destructive messages about men in

These representations are then taken as truth, and young men, in understanding their own self image, feel they must act like the men they see in the media in order to be safe and succeed in
the world.

After the screening of “Tough Guise 2,” representatives from the Women’s Center and their partners will facilitate a discussion. Morgan’s vision is to talk about examples of masculinity in mainstream media, and to question how things may be different if men in media were portrayed in more realistic ways.

“It is my sincere hope that it will spark a change in how we define masculinity and see the men in our lives,” Morgan said. “I hope students will reflect on moments when they policed someone into fitting into what society has told them a man or woman should be and think about how they can start conversations about healthy masculinity.”

Throughout “Tough Guise 2” the film’s narrator, Jackson Katz, discusses the correlations between violent masculinity in media and violence in society. Topics of violence included are school shootings, domestic violence, LGBT bullying and

Katz calls for a different way for men to express themselves.

“After watching this movie I started looking around at the other men in my life, and thought ‘Well, my brothers aren’t violent, and my friends aren’t violent. And I certainly wouldn’t do something like that.  So why are most male characters portrayed this way?’” Morgan said.

The original film “Tough Guise” was positively reviewed by the Media Education Foundation. In 2004 Katz visited Boise State and gave a keynote address and workshop for men. According to Morgan, Katz is an engaging speaker and he ties in popular media clips and news stories to detail his points.

“I want the other men on campus to acknowledge the fact that they are going to be one of the biggest parts of the solution to ending violence,” Morgan said. “When we, as an entire gender, can step away from the sexist and homophobic remarks for those who don’t ‘measure up’ as men to society; when we can see women as equals rather than sexual objects, and when we can understand that having emotions and caring about things doesn’t make us, insert pejorative term here, I think we will see a shift in society.”

The film will be screened in Simplot Ballroom A of the Student Union Building at 6 p.m.

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