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Gymnastics quietly becoming most dominant program on campus

Devin Ferrell Devin Ferrell

Boise State is praised for having outstanding football and basketball programs, but Boise State gymnastics is becoming one of the most dominant teams on campus.

“Watch out because we are going to have a lot of surprises this season,” sophomore Krystine Jacobsen said.

The Broncos are currently ranked 15th in the nation and are off to the best start in school history.

“It’s an amazing feeling,” junior Ciera Perkins said. “We worked so hard in the preseason and it’s the best feeling that we worked so hard and it’s paying off.”

However, the Broncos know they can do better and are even better than the rankings reflect.

“I think 15th is good but I think we are even better than that,” co-head coach Neil Resnick said. “This team is very capable of top 12 so we will keep pushing and getting better as the season progresses.”

The Broncos have had a lot of success this season, and the team feels like this is due to several reasons.

“I think we have a lot of determination and commitment this year and we stayed over the summer and that helped us get better all year round,” freshman Paige Urquhart said. “No matter what, we’re always helping each other, cheering each other on and being there for each other and that compared to other teams makes us a strong unity team.”

The Broncos know they have what it takes to compete for a national championship and have the best season in school history.

“We need to just take it one practice at a time,” co-head coach Tina Bird said. “We can’t get caught up in the ranking, who we beat, and what’s coming up next. We just have to day- by-day do the work every single day and do the work with

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