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Cool cars on campus

Throughout his time at Boise State, recent graduate Aaron Nelson was just like any other student. He went to class, listened to his favorite songs plugged into headphones while hiding his face under a hoodie as he walked through the Boise campus. But to the general passerby, many didn’t know that Nelson has a mistress, a mistress whom he has had a loving five year relationship with. This mistress is his 2008 Ford Mustang V6 with 17-inch rims which he has adoringly named, ‘Mistress’.

“I’m not going to lie i loved driving my car around campus, it made me feel good when people would look at her, confidence for sure but mostly feeling proud that she was mine and i worked hard for it,” Nelson said.

Boise State is  a rapidly expanding university in relation to attendance, yet it also known as a commuter school. Many students need vehicles to get to and from campus. When people drive in their cars, it is to pay little attention as it is something that is seen everyday. However, when those cars with that little extra bit of flair go by, a student’s attention can be captured for that split second. Car  lover or not, it is easy to have an appreciation for a beautiful vehicle, like appreciating any thing else that is perceived as beautiful. But how can a poor college student afford such cars? They is always a back story to the beauty.

Some students are blessed with the fortune of having financially secure parents who provide these exceptional automobiles. Others, save up their own money (sometimes for years) and by it straight up on their own. Whatever the reason, a car can become part of a person’s identity. Being in college means developing that identity for many, a nice car may ease along that process.

Aaron Nelson, recent Boise State graduate, owns a maroon 2008 Ford Mustang V6 with 17 inch chrome rims.  He calls his car “Mistress”.

Quotes from Aaron: Question 1-How did you afford a car like that as a recently graduated college student? Parents? Did you save up your own money? “I bought the car myself. my parents co-signed the loan but they never paid a dime for the car i paid it off in 5 years on my own. I moved to Boise in 2009 to start school, BSU is the only school i applied to i got in a moved here with all my possessions in my car.”

Question 2- Describe some of the emotions you felt driving around campus in a car like that. Was it empowering, confidence boosting? “At least once a week students say nice car or sweet ride.”

Question 3- What is one of your favorite memories in your car? “I remember driving here to Boise to start school it was an 1,100 mile drive 11 hrs and I loved it. open road all alone just me my car and my entire future ahead of me, then the day i graduated driving her in with my girlfriend and future wife in the passenger seat, the journey was ending.”


Daniel Wade, junior communication major, 1970 Monte Carlo

“When I was 17 my parents got a loan to buy a 1970 Monte Carlo for me. We made a deal that I would make a payment of 250 a month until I payed them back in full. I recently paid them back last july so the car is officially mine”

“Since it is a classic muscle car my dad and I did some modifications to the engine including; 4 barrel carb, new spark plugs, new cam, new headers with dual exhaust.”

“But when  I do drive around campus I feel good in my car because this has always been a dream of mine to own a muscle car. I have had this car for 4 years and I have so many good memories with it.”


Ahmed Alayadhi, junior electrical engineering major, 2013 Camaro

“It was  a gift from my parents.”

“It is hard to say, everyday is a memory either good or bad.”

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