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Student recital right on key

Love songs, more love songs, and… a wacky song about a colorful dog. When  Boise State student Robyn Whitmore belted out her performance of Herbert Kingsley’s “The Green Dog” at the end of Saturday evening, it was clear she had saved her best piece for last.

In English, Italian and German, Whitmore showed her lingual variety  and depth during her performances. With high degree of difficulty, she navigated the pieces with little error.

She concentrated on  performing pieces from the 17th to the 20th century.

Her diction was great and easy to understand, she kept a very consistent tone and she excelled at the English-language pieces of the performance, especially the aforementioned “Green Dog”, Ernest Charles’ “Let My Song Fill Your Heart” and Haydn’s “Pastoral Song”. Guest Peggy Purdy’s piano accompaniment was appropriate and on-point.

Asked about what she thought of Whitmore’s performance, best friend and Boise State student Maureen Kelly spoke candidly.

“The Green Dog” is my favorite song of hers,”Kelly said with excitement.

“The Green Dog” stood out the most, not just in terms of vocal performance but also of stage presence and humorously choreographed hand gestures.

Regarding the foreign-language numbers, which included songs written by Beethoven, Parisotti and Bohm, one member of the audience was impressed with Whitmore’s handling of the material.

“I’ve never heard her sing before. I’m always amazed at all the memorization of languages she must do,” mentioned community member JoAnn Wight.  She went on to describe the whole of Whitmore’s performance as“outstanding”.

“This was a beautiful representation of the vocal department and of the music department in general” Samaquias Lorta, a community member, said,. “It’s great to hear music from every era from the 1600’s to the 1900’s. Everything was well presented. And it was free!”

Suffice to say, Whitmore can look forward to the support of her peers and a natural vocal talent as she moves up in the world of dramatic performance. She may sing about green dogs, but her future is all bright white.

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Ryan Hoffman is a staff writer/film critic for the Arbiter newspaper at Boise State University. He loves all things music and film, and he is majoring in Communications with an Emphasis in Media Production at BSU. His dream is to be a movie director & musician in a band one day. Ryan wears a Powerpuff Girls T-shirt sometimes because he just doesn't care, and you shouldn't either.