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Study Tip: Welcome Back

Welcome back!  A great tip to start Spring 2014  is to tackle the course syllabi, class web sites and any email communications that your professor sends to get you prepared.  My best advice for the first week of school is to get organized.  Step One: buy a great planner that has a layout that works for you, choose something that you will actually use.  Once you have your planner move on to Step Two:  start filling in dates for assignments, quizzes, tests and papers.  You can also make reminders of when to start studying or researching for big assignments.  At first this might seem overwhelming or tedious, but when your planner is completed and you start going to class, watch in amazement as you finish assignments and tasks on-time and never forget when another paper is due again.  By taking a moment to organize now you will experience less stress and more success in Spring 2014.