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Bacon food review

Bacon is John Berryhill’s latest restaurant adventure, and, as the name implies, it’s the home of all things bacon. Lovers of bacon be prepared: Berryhill plans to cook over 150,000 strips of bacon per year in his downtown Boise location. That’s the equivalent of a strip of bacon for every minute they are open for business.

Atmosphere is the first thing to note about this themed bistro. The warm, inviting country home-meets-urban oasis ambiance is initially inviting. Order your poison as you walk in from a wide array of options all etched onto a chalkboard menu. Offerings range from breakfast and lunch items to bacon platters and bloody marys.

The staff is energetic and  happy to assist in menu questions. Water with cucumber or lemon, is offered in a self-serve bar at the back of the restaurant, and pillows serve as cushions on the hard wood seating.

Bacon prides itself on its eight different types of bacon: the Berryhill, tempeh, maple rosemary, spicy, pancetta, candied, chocolate and kurobuta herbed bacon. Each has its own special flavor, offering up enough variety to satisfy the traditional to the adventurous bacon aficionados.

Bacon Breakdown: 

Kurobuta: This is spiced and cooked to perfection. For sure this is on the top three and highly recommended.

Berryhill: The original Berryhill bacon is named so for a reason. It is a perfect traditional bacon with a hint of spices that mix to pack a taste sensation. This is by far the best.

Tempeh: This is a meat substitute bacon for the non-meat eaters. While dryer and in a strange, clumped form, Berryhill was able to make this workable. But if you are a bacon lover, stick to the “real”

Maple rosemary: This one could have been a bit more maple-y. The rosemary, however, makes up for the slight disappointment in the maple department.

Spicy: For a spice lover, this could have had a bit more kick, but for a bacon lover with just a touch of love for spice, this is

Pancetta: Packaged in a different form (it is circular) and texture than the other bacon offerings, this one is juicy and flavorful, coming in as a second only to Berryhill.

Candy: While this may seem off-putting, the sweet candied flavor and salt from the bacon pair amazingly to create an astonishingly delicious treat.

Chocolate: What can go wrong with chocolate and bacon? Enough said.

Combined, Bacon’s atmosphere, food, drinks and, well,  bacon, make this establishment worth checking out.


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