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Treefort mini-fort builds excitement for festival in spring

On the evening of Jan. 17, students and community members flocked downtown to the El Korah Shrine in order to get a taste of  the Treefort Music Festival which will take place in March. The organizers of Treefort held a free launch party for all to enjoy, where headlining artist ‘Slow Magic’ took the stage.

The launch party consisted of something a little new from the folks of Treefort, they showed brief glimpses into  new elemants such as ‘Film Fest’, ‘Storyfort’ and

The buzz of Treefort charged excitement throughout the patrons of the launch party. The electric environment was made up of booze, dancing free-spirits and an array of youthful volunteers. The conglomorate of psychedelic performances and shoulder-to-shoulder crowds made up the energy of the night.

Mackenzie Thiry, a student at Boise State, spoke her thoughts on Treefort and its rise to popularity.

“The last two years have been super successful and I also think this third year is going to be just as successful,” Thiry said.

Emily Walton, recent Boise State graduate, said the launch party felt like a “reunion.” She also went on to give some of her thoughts on why she thought Treefort has grown to such popularity in Boise and with Boise State students.

“I think it’s grown so successfully because they are willing to share their success. They are great about partnering with organizations like Boise State (for Hackfort) and Story Story Night (Storyfort) in a way that enables other people to do something awesome,” Walton said.

The electronic artist Slow Magic ended the evening with a scintillating performance which utilized a mind popping light show as the artist looked out onto the crowd through a neon colored Aztec-themed mask.

Louie Bash, member of the local band Shades Street Fever and Blvrred Vision, described his impression of Treefort and the upcoming festival.

“It was so great to see such an amazing turnout,” Bash said. “It provides a great opportunity for local bands and local people to come and enjoy the atmosphere, as well as see Boise come together.”

If the March festival is going to be anything like this mini-fort launch party, Boise is in store for a wild night.

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  1. hronakescarnegiewedding // Jan 22, 2014 at 8:56 am //

    Most excited to see Odesza and Joy Formidable!

  2. Of the artists that have been announced so far, I'm very happy to see mr. Gnome and RJD2 on the list, as well as many local favorites. Wonderful to learn that Boise State is a partner this year, Hackfort is going to be fun! I hope that Boise State students partake in this festival, it's something really special and unique – and in ten years many of us will reminisce about the "early days."

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