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The Record Exchange spinning more than just records

Where can someone purchase CDs, vinyl, espresso, clothing, candy, toys, books, magazines, jewelry and posters? Surely, not anywhere in Boise, Idaho. Unless, of course, you’re at The Record Exchange.

It’s the place to be, at least for college kids. A paradise of sorts. At least that’s what it seems. There is music, coffee and weird trinkets that will be put on display in the dorm for the rest of the year, what’s not to love? Ask around on campus, most people who’ve been there will give it raving reviews.

“It’s a really great place to find any kind of music you can think of,” said Jasmine Birk, a sophomore criminal justice major. “They even have a coffee shop built in so you can get your caffeine fix while you look for awesome music.”

Keeping up with events which happen every now and then at The Record Exchange is worth it. Those who do keep up with the events might be surprised to find out that their favorite band is doing an acoustic in-store performance and if not, even hanging around the store the day your favorite band is in town might catch a glimpse of their idol browsing used vinyls or trying on silly hats.

On top of all that, it’s right next to the Neurolux, where attendees can grab a drink and watch great live bands. No matter how indie and obscure someone’s music taste might be, it’s worth it to take a look at The Record Exchange, because who doesn’t need the physical version of their favorite band’s first LP recorded in their garage when they were 17?!

“What’s cool about The Record Exchange is that not only do they have what’s most popular out on CDs and vinyl, but they have a lot of low-key bands’ material as well,” said Yvonne Villasenor, a freshman psychology major. “They help bring more attention to the local scene as well.”

Follow the store on Facebook or Instagram to be the first to know when a giveaway is happening, or when they get small quantities of highly in-demand merchandise (Lorde on vinyl, anyone?).

“I wouldn’t have much to say because I’ve only been there a few times. But I did find it a very cool place where I could find a bunch of different music, much more of a selection than what Walmart and Target have,” said Bethany El-Bakri, a junior respiratory therapy major. “The atmosphere is sweet too.”

The store put Boise on the map when Nylon Magazine did a feature on the best music scenes in the United States and featured The Record Exchange. What that means is that native Idahoans who have not yet peeked their heads into the store are seriously missing out.

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Madison Killian is the assistant Arts & Entertainment editor for the Arbiter, and a junior at Boise State majoring in Communications. She enjoys loud rock music, coffee and long walks on the beach. When she isn't jet setting around campus or interviewing your favorite band, she enjoys spending time with her pets: a dog named Jake and a cat named after Janis Joplin.