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Parking receives new director

Nicole Nimmons is a woman of adventure. She likes snowshoeing, biking and other activities. She isn’t afraid to try new things; in fact, she tried Indian food for the first time this year and decided she loved it.

Her newest adventure: executive director of Boise State Transportation & Parking Services (TPS).

Nimmons grew up in Southern California with an older brother and a twin sister. She graduated from Northern Arizona University where she wrote tickets to help her get through college. Nimmons never expected to make parking her career however after working in probation for a few years, she decided she wanted something different and decided to give Boise a shot.

“I just fell in love with the university,” Nimmons said. “I really made parking a career. I don’t know of anyone out there who is majoring in anything who thinks they are going to end up in parking. But it’s a great career. I’m really happy and proud to have got to this level.”

Nimmons has worked for Boise State a couple of years now and is eager to head up TPS and accomplish the goals she has set for the university.

One goal is to help utilize each department and work together as a campus, working off of each others’ strengths.

“There has been a shift change since David Smith (associate vice president for Campus Planning and Facilities) came on board making the departments a more cohesive unit,” Nimmons said. “We are really working on team

Smith joined Boise State six months ago and has seen an improvement.

“Over the past six months we’ve really taken to heart knocking down walls. There is a lot more collaboration and camaraderie,”
Smith said.

Nimmons enjoys her new position because it is always changing. A typical day for her can consist of plans and procedures, special events and new

“I think that’s why I really enjoy my job. It’s never the same,” Nimmons said.

Smith is Nimmons’ direct supervisor and has the utmost confidence she will succeed in her new

“She’s got a lot of energy and is very focused on customer service and interaction,” Smith said. “Her passion is really helping us move towards alternative forms of transportation.”

Nimmons recognizes students’ concerns about lack of parking and their frustration with ticket

“We do have enough parking, it just isn’t all convenient,” Nimmons said. “We have so many offerings for students they might not know about.”

Nimmons explained she wants to hear student opinions.

“I want to hear the needs of the students and find a way to meet them,” Nimmons said. “We don’t know special needs unless
you tell us.”

To voice a complaint or suggestion, email parkingquestions@boisestate.

Transportation Options:

-Live Shuttle: The Bronco Shuttle runs throughout campus during both Spring and Fall semesters. During peak hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m.) the shuttle frequency is estimated (with construction) every 14 minutes. During non-peak hours, it’s estimated about every 20 minutes.  The last loop of the Bronco Shuttle will begin in the East Stadium Parking Lot at 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 5:30 p.m. on Friday.  A live map of the Bronco Shuttle can be found at

-Cycle Learning Center (CLC): Located on the first floor of the Lincoln Garage, the CLC  is the university’s centralized source for basic bicycle repair services, instructional clinics and alternative transportation information. According to Nimmons, the CLC has some of the cheapest services available.

-Enterprise Car Share:  There are two on-campus locations for Enterprise Car Share vehicles, one in the Liberal Arts parking lot, and one just outside of the Brady Street Parking Garage.  Nimmons explained it costs $8 per hour which includes gas and insurance.

-Bus Pass: All Boise State students are given a free bus pass with Valley Ride Bus Transportation.

-CarPool/ VanPool: Transportation & Parking Services offers a carpool permit, which allows people to park in special carpool spots all around campus. Bring two or three similar work or class schedules to TPS to register for a carpool permit. Carpool permits cost the same as regular reserved permits. Another option is Commuter Carpool and Vanpool Services. They offer one month free trial.

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