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Health Services offers nutrition courses for students

Megan McGuffey, registered dietitian and Health Sciences graduate student at Boise State is designing programs, scheduling counseling meetings, and hosting Q-and-A sessions for students.

“We offer Nutrition Q-and-A weekly in the Recreation Center on Tuesdays.  It is a drop-in type service and is from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.,” McGuffey said.

The Q-and-A sessions are much more informal than the consultation sessions that can be scheduled through the Wellness Department and Health Services.

The first step to scheduling a session is by contacting a medical provider such as a physician or nurse practitioner.  From there the student will be referred to the registered dietitian on campus, which is McGuffey.

“I have about 10 hours every week that I allot to just seeing clients,” McGuffey said.

The certification of a registered dietitian allows for a more medical perspective from McGuffey as well as a general health and dietary expertise.

“I have specific education and training to provide medically billable nutrition services to many kinds of people,” McGuffey said.

Students, faculty and staff on Boise State’s campus are able to use the nutrition services.  The clientele ranges from freshmen needing help meal planning for the first year of college to patients with medical conditions such as diabetes and celiac disease who are making a change in lifestyle to treat symptoms.

Some clients are worried about the cost of getting such treatment, thinking insurance companies don’t commonly cover a service such as this.  That isn’t necessarily true, and nutrition related treatment or services are more commonly covered than people think.

“It is important for students to know that if they are on SHIP, the consultation and follow-ups are free.  If a student is under a different health insurance plan, we will bill their insurance,” McGuffey said.

For further involvement and to get students to pay attention to their dietary ways, McGuffey has set up a monthly grocery store tour.

“I encourage anyone to come if they are interested in learning about how to choose healthy foods, navigate the aisles, and are on a tight food budget.  I will offer tips and tricks for these areas,” McGuffey said.

The monthly tour will continue on in the spring semester of this year and will be restructured to make transportation to the store more convenient.  The tour typically takes place at Winco Foods.

Students, faculty and staff members are encouraged to call 208-426-1477  or email Megan McGuffey directly at for questions, scheduling appointments or general concerns.