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Dance marathon shoots promotional videos

Bryan Talbot / The Arbiter

Boise State’s second annual Dance Marathon (DM) will take place from 3 p.m. to 8 a.m. on Feb. 28 in the Student Reccreation Center.

There is no entrance fee, but in order to reach their donation goals, the DM executive staff members are asking students to raise a minimum of  $50 each.

Proceeds are anticipated to reach about $7,500 this year (compared to $5,000 last year) and will go toward St. Luke’s Hospital.

“Right now, they’re trying to build a new facility, so that there’s easier access for those that have been discharged. Like if they need to go for little check-ups, they can go to this new building so they won’t be reminded of bad times at the hospital,” said Nick Propp, sophomore biology major.

Propp is this year’s co-external chair, along with Bryan Vlok, the ASBSU vice president.

According to Propp, he and Vlok are responsible for all of the DM’s promotion and marketing: a process which is still very much a work in progress, and will be continuing until the event’s execution.

Vlok says for the each of the five remaining months leading up to the event, they plan to distribute one video.

Jake Fullilove, junior history major and local filmmaker, is in charge of directing the promotional videos.

“I think last year there were a lot of people who would have liked to attend the event, but just had no idea it was going on,” said Fullilove. “And knowing it’s for a charity organization, I was willing to put my time and effort into it.”

Currently, the external staff is still finishing their first video, but expect it to be distributed via email and throughout several campus television sets by early November.

“They’ve really respected the fact that I’ve been doing this for a while, they know that I’m doing it for free, and they’ve really just given me free reign to do a lot with the project,” Fullilove said in regards to the creative control he has been granted by the organization.

Additionally toward the effort, Fullilove is making an in-kind donation of his own,  Red Epic camera, the model of camera with which Peter Jackson shot “The Hobbit” on.

With the help of everyone involved in the marketing branch this year, Propp believes the number of participants will double from last year.

“We’re hoping to get about 600 students this year, so, double attendance which will be sweet,” said Propp.

Students who are interested in registering and donating are encouraged to do so at and to check their Bronco email regularly for updates concerning the DM.