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Steen says: Is Coach Pete on his way out?

In the past seven seasons, not many teams have experienced the kind of success that Boise State has had.

Under head coach Chris Petersen, the Broncos have gone an incredible 86-9 since 2006, including 5-2 in bowl games, with two Bowl Championship Series (BCS) victories in 2007 and 2010. The success Boise State has had should make fans worry more than ever about Chris Petersen leaving the Treasure Valley for a new challenge, and they shouldn’t be surprised  if he does.

Here are three reasons Chris Petersen could be leaving Boise State sooner than the Bronco faithful think.

1. The disintegration of the BCS

Boise State has been one of the more dominant BCS busting schools in the last decade. Along with the University of Utah and Texas Christian University, both now part of the power six conferences. With the BCS system coming to a close in 2013, Boise State could be on the outside looking in for good. Moving on to a power conference school could be Petersen’s way to continue competing for                   bigger championships.

2. Boise State not going undefeated recently

Former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore became the winningest quarterback in NCAA history, going an unprecedented 50-3, losing the three games by a combined five points. Since losing Moore, along with a myriad of current NFL players, Boise State went 11-2 in 2012, and have already picked up a  32-point loss this season: their worst since 2005. With Boise State being wrongly viewed as an average squad in the last couple of years, Petersen could be at risk of being seen as a “flash in the pan.” A Mountain West Conference title and potentially a one loss BCS appearance could erase all doubt of that notion.

3. A bi-polar fan base

For a school that finished in the top 25 in every year except one under Petersen, you would think the fan base would be a little more understanding of the pressures and surprises of Division 1 college football.

The attendance for Boise State’s 2013 home opener, one game after their loss to Washington, was just 33,293, more than 4,000 shy of a sellout.  The end of the game was accompanied by a chorus of “boos” due to the Broncos not running up the score, while up  63-7. A fan base that might be too spoiled for it’s own good could find themselves chasing the coach they love, away.

Whether Petersen leaves in one year, 20 years, or never, he has done more for Bronco football than anyone ever imagined.

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