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Boise State puts football revenue to use

With football season upon us, it’s easy to wonder where all the money from ticket sales goes and how much money goes to the football team and how much goes to other athletic programs around campus.

In a Q&A session via email, Max Corbet, associate athletic director/communications, answered some questions about where Boise State’s football revenue goes.


Q: What is Boise State’s football team’s estimated annual revenue from all sources?


A: Based on the latest figures reported to the U.S. Department of Education’s Equity in Athletics Data Analysis, which was for the reporting year 2011-12, the annual revenue for football was $15.3 million.

 Our operating budget this year is around $36 million.


Q: Where do the largest sources of revenue come from?

A:The largest sources of revenue come from ticket sales, fundraising and sponsorships.

Q:How is this revenue disbursed around campus?


A: The breakdown ranges from salaries for coaches, scholarships for student-athletes, recruiting expenses, operating expenses and capital projects.

 A capital project would be the new Bleymaier Football Complex, the Stueckle Sky Center, those types of projects.

The amount in 2011-12 we spent on scholarships for all our athletic teams was $3.4 million.   

Student-athletes can inquire about information regarding scholarships from the coaches in their respective sports.

The allocation of those funds is bringing Boise State some much needed notoriety. Alicia Jessop with “Forbes” magazine published an article last week based off the 2011-12 State Board of Education’s data, ranking the top 25 football teams’ revenues and expenses. Boise State made the cut, listing at number 19 with $8,537,612 total football expenses versus a whopping $15,345,308 in total football revenue.

These numbers do not reflect all expenses but does show how the university’s budget for athletics compares to many other programs.

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