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Bob Behler: The Voice of the Broncos

Since his days in junior high school, the voice of the Broncos Bob Behler had always known he wanted to be a sports broadcaster.

“I actually started when I was in high school,” Behler said. “Our high school had a television station and we would do games and they would be run back on local cable the next night.”

An early start in the business helped kick start Behler’s career in broadcasting when he called his high school’s state championship football game for the local radio station.

“They must have liked the job I did because the next year when I was a senior, I did all the sports, a game of the week for them,”
Behler said.

Behler has been the voice of the Broncos since 2008, and the job has taken him around the country.

Behler called the 2010 against Texas Christian University, witnessing Boise State’s second BCS victory.

Following high school, Behler took off across the country to attend the University of Georgia tandpursue his dream of being a broadcaster. At Georgia, Behler called baseball and women’s basketball on the school’s local radio station.

“I wanted to go to a school with a good broadcasting program and I wanted to go to a school with a big athletic program,” Behler said.

Coming out of college, Behler picked up his first job, calling games for a minor league baseball team, the Chattanooga Lookouts.

“I was there a year and a half, but I missed the college scene to be honest,” Behler said. “So I sent out cassettes to a whole bunch of little colleges to see who would bite, and in 1986 I got the job at Bucknell.”

Behler spent the next 13 years at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pa., where he covered any sport imaginable for the Bison.

“Obviously football and basketball, but then baseball, softball and some lacrosse,” Behler said. “I also hosted and produced a television show.”

After Bucknell, Behler went to the University of Massachusetts for a nine year stint before being called back to the west in 2008 to start his work for Boise State.

Entering his sixth year covering the Broncos, Behler has been an eyewitness to history being made on the Blue Turf.

“I’ve been fortunate, they’re 61-5 in the time I’ve been here,” Behler said. “Has Bob Behler done anything to make them 61-5? No, but I’ve certainly reaped the benefits to where people are more interested in listening to you.”

Behler’s five years covering football and basketball for Boise State have been a whirlwind of historical games and seasons. He has been an eyewitness to sports going to the next level in a place he loves.

“I’ve been blessed to be with three different colleges and all of them have been fantastic and I was sorry to leave them all,” Behler said. “But every time I think I’ve professionally bettered myself and fortunately been in places where it’s nice to live and people have been nice to me, so I’ve been lucky.”

Behler will call his first game of the fall season on Aug. 31 when the Broncos take on Washington in Seattle, Wash. He can be heard on KBOI 670 AM in the Treasure Valley.

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