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The Band Ballyhoo!

Bryan Talbot / The Arbiter

Madison Killian

Staff Writer

Ballyhoo! is a punk rock/ reggae band hailing from Aberdeen, Maryland. Started in July of 1995, these guys are no newbies. Composed of frontman/ guitarist Howi Spangler, drummer Donald “Big B” Spangler, bassist JR Gregory, and Scott Vandry on keyboards and turntable, this band takes its influence from bands like Sublime, Green Day and Incubus. The band is coming to Boise.

Their highly anticipated upcoming album, “Pineapple Grenade,” hits store shelves on June 25. Ballyhoo! packs a punch with their new album, mixing punk rock drum beats, guitar riffs and reggae inspired melodies that’ll put you in the sunshine state of mind in no time. Composed of 14 tracks, each unique and fun in their own way, “Pineapple Grenade” is the perfect album to listen to in the car on those long drives with friends, and promises to be a fantastic summer party playlist. Check out the new single ‘Run’ off of the album.

Once you’ve fallen in love with the band, make sure to grab your friends and check ‘em out on the Summer Sickness Tour, with band Authority Zero. They’ll be hitting Boise on Thursday, June 14 at The Reef downtown. Get a tropical appetizer and cocktail, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Ballyhoo! will not disappoint. For more information visit