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Top MWC 2013 NFL draft prospects

Bryan Talbot / The Arbiter

The 2013 NFL Draft is set to take place on April 25-27 beginning at 8 PM ET. What is becoming a regularity, the Mountain West Conference has some top-notch prospects with the likes of three main players:

CB Jamar Taylor, Boise State 5-11, 182 
With good size and the ability to jam up his receivers Taylor has something many players do not, scorching speed. On top of his speed his hitting ability is terrific and he can be a disruptive force. But his quick 4.4 40-time sets him apart from the pack and could make him the total package as an energizer bunny on a defense. Of course his tools will have to translate into more production. Taylor showed at times in the past that he was okay in coverage but relied too much on his speed from time-to-time causing him to play catch-up. There are long-run durability concerns after suffering a broken leg, but Taylor fought through the pain and showed signs that he would be just fine. With the right coaching he could become a terrific all-around play-maker. With his attributes he should be attractive to almost every team in the draft. gave Taylor a grade of 85.5 and has him going towards the end of the first-round/early second-round. The New England Patriots are the top prediction if Taylor were to be drafted in the first-round.

CB Leon McFadden, San Diego State 5-10, 183
McFadden was one of the best cornerbacks in the MWC over the last few seasons. He had the ability to take on every opposing team’s top wide receiver. He is more than fast, he moves well and stays within range of his foe with good anticipation and instincts, always seeming to stay a step ahead of his opponent. His biggest issue will be his tackling. Though he does have the speed to keep up with many of the NFL’s fastest WR’s his lack of hitting-power allowed many of his opponents to bounce right off of him at least once in every game last season for the Aztecs. Luckily for McFadden he will be working with top-level defensive coaches to help him develop in that area. With a grade of 80.7 from look for McFadden to go between the second/third-round of the draft.

TE Gavin Escobar, San Diego State 6-6, 254 
Escobar has a complete package for a tight-end who has the capabilities of being a big offensive threat. He has great size to go along with soft hands and great production which made him the biggest threat on offense for the Aztecs last season. But one attribute is lacking for Escobar, his speed, it was non-existent at the NFL combine running a dismal 4.84 40-time. But he is quick off the blocks and has the ability to run quick routes where his speed does not seem to be a factor until he begins running deeper routes.  He’s not great when it comes to blocking a defender and struggled occasionally to stop the defense from getting to the running-back. But the tools are there and the ability to get better at blocking and protecting his offense are there as well. If he’s able to add more muscle and size on to his body, Escobar could be a force for the opposing defense to try and take down. gave him a grade of 79.0 with a prediction between the late second-round and as far back as the early fourth-round.

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