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Lance Moore takes full advantage of Boise State University

Photo Courtesy MCT Campus Wire Service

Courtesy Maliza Lang

Lance T. Moore speaks Spanish, studies Communication, loves a good steak, dreams of driving a navy Aston Martin and advocates against human trafficking. His interests could span the globe and he has high hopes of developing
many “Moore.”

As a Boise native who graduated from Capital High School, Moore quickly jumped into the college scene. He’s the president of College Democrats and the International Justice Mission Boise State Chapter. Another passion of his is raising awareness about domestic violence and he does so via the Women’s and Children’s Alliance. He’s been working for this non-profit since
high school.

“It’s like a part of me now and I’ve developed a lot of really good relationships here with people,” Moore said. “I definitely don’t take it (Boise) for granted anymore like I used to.”

Moore works off campus for the MK Nature Center in the daytime as he has a soft spot for animals.

“It’s kind of my de-stressor job because I work with rehabilitating falcons,” Moore said.

By night, he’s busy in the books working a graveyard shift for a tax filing company and learning all sorts of spending habits.

He also straps on MMA gloves and boxes regularly at the REC while still making time for his studies and connecting with his peers and professors. His favorite teacher thus far is Shelton Woods, whom Moore had for History.

“He brought a human element in… He’s a brilliant guy,” Moore said.

Don’t be confused by all of his pastimes though: his ultimate passion is working to bring an end to human trafficking. Moore is most proud of raising awareness in our community for this issue.

“How can you sit by and do nothing when there’s work to be done,” Moore said.

This motto holds strong to him and he’s determined to eliminate this evil in the world.

Moore said he is anxious to go on to Georgetown or American University for graduate school in Washington DC as he got accepted into a three month internship program for the CIA in the Human Trafficking Division. He’s in the scrupulous process of character and psychological testing for top security clearance.

“I have nothing to hide,” he said.

Moore still has his senior year left at Boise State to prepare before he embarks on this adventure.

Mackenzie Cabot, a close acquaintance of Moore, had nothing but good things to say about him and his future.

“In ten years, I’m sure he’ll be married and already have adopted one of the kids he encountered,” Cabot said, “… he’s a great guy and really knows how to be a good and true friend.”

Upon graduating in Spring 2014, Moore is excited to move onto international issues and hopes to spend some spare time doing so abroad. He’s got ambition, a strong mind and a personality for days. There’s no stopping this powerhouse as he gets in the real world. He will undoubtedly be a name to remember and one no acquaintance will forget.