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A look at the Round One NCAA tournament games

March Madness is upon us once again with what might be one of the hardest brackets in recent memory.

Louisville seems to be the most attractive team to win the tournament to many experts, such as Gary Parrish of CBS Sports and Seth Davis of Sports Illustrated.

But with two famous giant-killing teams in the tournament, Butler and VCU, the field is wide-open. VCU made their famous run to the Final Four in 2011 to face Butler, starting in the Round of 68.

The Rams became the first team in NCAA history to start in the round of 68 and make the Final Four.

Will a team from this year’s Round of 68 make a final four run? Chances are slim but there is some talent in the first round of four.

Tuesday, March 19 at 9:10 p.m. ET the game between Middle-Tennessee State University (28-5) out of the Sun Belt and St. Mary’s (27-6) out of the WCC is one match-up that will go under the radar.

On paper, the Gales from St. Mary’s look to be the more attractive team.

However, what both teams failed to do during the season was tally up quality wins; instead, both teams tallied up numerous
bad losses.

St. Mary’s virtually has a big goose egg in the quality wins column. Their best win all season came against
BYU twice.

Middle-Tennessee States’ résumé is not much better but they do have a nice quality win against the Ole Miss Rebels (26-8) out of the SEC.

With both teams hearing it from the media that neither one belongs in the tournament, viewers can expect to see everything left on the court between these two.

St. Mary’s should win this game to move on to the next round against Memphis (30-4) from Conference USA, another team with a very good record but lacking attractiveness.

Wednesday, March 20 at 9:10 p.m. ET is the opening tip between the second and more anticipated game of the Round of 68 between Boise State (21-10) out of the MWC and La Salle (21-9) out of the A10.

These two teams are much more attractive tournament teams than their Round of 68 counterparts. Boise State and La Salle have more quality wins than bad losses this season.

According to many of the experts, this will be one of the more difficult early tournament games to decide on a winner.

On paper, Boise State seems to be the more attractive of the two teams to win the game.

Both Drmic and Marks are averaging over 16 points per game and the majority of the Broncos offense runs through these two.

On the other hand, La Salle has fire power of their own in Ramon Galloway and Tyreek Duren. Both are averaging over 15 points or more a game.

These two teams are very similar, loving to take perimeter shots and many
of them.

Depending on the play of Drmic and Marks, look for Boise State to win this match-up and move on to the next round to face Kansas State (27-7) out of
the Big 12.

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