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The interdisciplinary exploration of ‘slow food’

Photo Courtesy Idea of Nature brochure

On Tuesday, March 12 at 6 p.m. in the Student Union Building, Simplot Ballroom A-D, Dan Philippon, an associate professor of English at the University of Minnesota, will lecture on The Nature of Slow Food.

This lecture is second, after John Elder’s Robert Frost and the Forests of Vermont, in The Idea of Nature public lecture series taking place this Spring 2013.

This lecture will feature the “slow food” movement, which began in Europe, particularly in Italy and France, and made its way toward America.

The slow food movement, perceived as contrary to the fast food movement, redefines society’s view of nature as “other.”  Philippon will focus on the understanding of nature, and how sustainability and scale factor into this international cultural shift.

The Nature of Slow Food and The Idea of Nature are a part of Interdisciplinary Explorations.

“My goal in creating the series is to expose students, professors, members of the community with a dialogue across disciplinary boundaries,” Samantha Harvey, Ph.D., an associate professor of English said. “Really big questions need interdisciplinary answers. Thinking about nature, particularly, we need to think about it from as many different angles as possible.”