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Undaunted Undergrad – Jet away

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

Nicole Reither is a senior graduating in May with a degree in Communication and a certificate in Public Relations. Like Tasha Adams, she is also terrified of graduating–missing out on free food at the BRC, student tickets to events and the luxury of the free gym. “The undaunted undergrads” is an account of working through last-semester fears and getting the most out of the college experience.

The beauty of attending college is making the best friends of your life.

Boise State has all sorts of different people from all walks of life. Yes, you learn an immense amount from all the different classes you take throughout your time here, but I believe you also learn and grow from all the people that you encounter and interact with.  I came to college with my two best friends from high school and I will be graduating college with six more girls I know will be in my life forever.

As college ends for some and continues for others causing people to move away from this town and start jobs, get married or have babies, it is natural to lose touch for some. However, for others, this is a fabulous excuse to impulsively buy a plane ticket to new places to go see the friends you once spent time watching trashy television on the weekends with and stressing over the amount of work still left to do at 10 p.m. on a Thursday night.

So to knock it off my pre-post graduation crisis bucket list, I decided to not only venture to other parts of Idaho I have never seen before, but to do so by going to visit my best friend who recently got married and moved to Coeur D’ Alene.

This was an impulsive buy two weeks ago when I found an extremely cheap ticket to Spokane.

I wasn’t sure when I would get to see her and her new husband again considering I too will be graduating and moving away from Boise in three months. The clock is ticking.

My weekend consisted of helping the newly-weds move into their brand new house, venturing around town and getting to know the area. I got to catch up with someone I hold very closely to my heart and of course do what girls do best, shop. Over all, my weekend getaway was more than a success.  And with spring break right around the corner it is the perfect excuse for you to pick a destination and jet away to go visit someone you haven’t seen in a while.

I’m a strong advocate for continuing relationships with your friends once your life paths have separated ways. It just makes it that much more fun to get to see new places and catch up with the people you love.

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Nicole Reither is the Online Editor of The Arbiter. A senior Communication student pursuing a Certificate of Public Relations, Reither is also the Boise State PRSSA's President. Follow her on twitter @nReither.