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Share with Cher is a recurring feature taking student queries to a whole new level by publishing student concerns or questions about campus and going straight to the source. Contact Cher at culture@arbiteronline to get your answers.


More than once I’ve heard students complaining about bookstore prices. So, for the debut edition of Share with Cher, this is the first
question I tackled.

“The Bookstore realizes how expensive textbooks are and strives to find the least expensive alternative for students given the materials requested by faculty,” said Greg Kannenberg, textbook manager at the Bronco Shop. “Used books are always shopped first and if available, bought before anything new.  Thousands of rental titles are offered saving nearly 50 percent off the regular retail.  Our website lists dozens of other sources from which to purchase textbooks as well.  Though Bookstore competitors are listed, the goal is to offer the best value in the market to our students.  Thus, the comparative shopping alternatives on our website are readily listed and made easily available to our customers.  Hundreds of e-books are also available on the
Bookstore’s website.”

Kannenberg said he is available to hear suggestions and added students can check the bookstore’s website for prices and options.

Another query which came my way was that of homeless people sleeping in the library. I coupled that with rumors of people letting guide dogs drink from the library drinking fountains and again went straight to the source.

Peggy Cooper, interim dean of the Albertson’s Library, answered these questions: “When anyone comes in, as long as they are not behaving inappropriately we do not ask them their business, or why they’re here. In truth, there are times when it’s not possible for us to distinguish between a student or community member, from anyone else and we have students who take naps in the library,” Cooper said. “As long as that person’s behavior is appropriate, they’re not accosting our students, they’re not doing things that would be inappropriate in any situation, or feel our students are threatened in any way—we don’t routinely go through the building and ask people to leave. We do respond immediately to any concern from a student.”

Cooper explained that they have had to ask people to leave because they were trespassing in the past, for various reasons. She also addressed the guide dog issue:

“At this point, no one has ever reported that to us,” Cooper said. “So I can just say; please, if you’re using the building and you observe that, would you immediately let someone at any one of the service desks know or come upstairs to the admin office and we’ll talk to that person and explain that for sanitary reasons we don’t want to share our drinking fountains with their dogs. We’re happy for them to take a dish and fill it and give it to the animal but we really don’t want them sharing our drinking


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Cher Wada Koenig is a nontraditional student working on a double degree in sociology and communication. She joined the Arbiter team after taking a news writing class that sparked her interest for journalism. Cher also started the recurring 'Share with Cher' article, which will tackle your Boise State questions and publish answers! #SharewithCher