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Guilty Pleasures: Food broke the bank

Dakota Wood / The Arbiter

Despite students’ best efforts, not all of their money goes strictly toward what they need. Eight random students were asked for their top five spending habits which break their bank accounts. Every one of them answered with their number one vice being purchasing fast and convenient food.

With a Philly cheesesteak sandwhich and a soda at her table, freshman Tia Harris readily admitted  much of her extra money goes to food.

“I waste a lot of money on food,” Harris said. “I like the vending machines and I like how they take the credit cards. The vending machines get me really bad. There’s one on every single floor.”

Food, alcohol and entertainment were the big three money receivers mentioned by these eight students. But a few unique hobbies came up, including snowboarding.

Senior Nathan Richard said he has to snowboard. Since he couldn’t over winter break, Richard said he’s “getting it out of his system” now.

“You spend a lot of money going snowboarding, but you have to have fun while you’re in college to some extent,” Richard said. “I’ve been taking breaks from my studying more than I should because we finally got snow.”


Top 5 Bank Breakers:


1. Food

Tia Harris, freshman sociology major: “I’m a full-time student and I have a full-time job and live off campus so most of my money is for financial things, but the money I have goes mostly
to food.”


2. Alcohol

Phillip Saenz, senior communication major: “I spend money on alcohol. I mean, I’m 22.”


3. Movies

Sarah Arjona, junior biology major: “Usually we’ll wait till a movie comes to the dollar theater, so I don’t feel too bad about that one.”


4. Clothes

Nathan Richard, senior health science major: “Whenever a new semester starts I generally buy clothes. I don’t necessarily need that but it’s nice to have newer clothes and stuff.”


5. Sports

Thomas Green, sophomore mechanical engineering major: “I have friends who play in tournaments a lot. If there’s some extra money I know a lot of people who play so I can just say ‘Hey, I got money’ let me play on your team.”