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The Undaunted Undergrads: Do I really need a job?

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

Tasha Adams is a senior graduating in May (if everything goes as planned). Like Nicole Reither, she is also terrified of all things graduation—failing a class, walking at the ceremony, not finding a job after receiving her degree. “The undaunted undergrads” is an account of working through last-semester fears and getting the most out of the college experience.

I went to the Career Fair last week, dressed in my best professional attire, curled my hair and actually did my makeup. I walked away with one business card for a packaging company—not something I am remotely interested in.

I will admit I was one of the attendees the Career Center warned employers about when they posted on their webpage that “(Some people) may wander around for a while with a friend before deciding to leave. They may feel intimidated and nervous about starting a conversation with a stranger.” I didn’t have a friend with me but for some reason my heart just wasn’t in it and I can’t figure out why.

On one hand, I need a job once I graduate but on the other, it still seems impossible this is my last semester. It just doesn’t feel real enough to take as seriously as I need to.

The one person I did stop to talk to was from the packaging company and the only reason I stopped was because their brochure had a picture of a dog on it and I love dogs. The man who was at the booth noticed my nametag had my major on it and because it said “Communication-English,” he suggested a customer service job. Do you want to know what I am really good at because I have more than a decade of experience? Customer service. Now do you want to know what sucks the happiness out of my soul? Customer service.

I know I shouldn’t be picky because a job is a job. But I still have a job right now so, again, my heart just isn’t in it.

Maybe I will have more motivation to gainfully employ myself when graduation is within reach. Or my insurance is gone. Or I can’t pay my rent. Until then, I am going to focus on school so I can actually graduate.

Midterms are coming up and I know after spring break, my desire to be in school will decrease exponentially.


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Tasha Adams is the Managing Editor of The Arbiter. She is a senior Communication/English major with an emphasis in Humanities/ Rhetoric and a minor in Psychology. She is a grammar geek and word nerd with an unhealthy love for celebrity gossip. After graduation she hopes to move out of Idaho and explore the world a bit while beginning her "real world" journalism career. Follow her on twitter @adams_tasha.