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First EMA reading of the year brings success

Megan Riley / The Arbiter

Twelve students took a leap on Thursday night at Solid downtown to showcase their writing. The first English Major’s Association (EMA) reading took place, with a big turnout of over 40 people in the audience. Students read their own work, which was previously submitted and approved for the event. The readings ranged from poetry to fiction to creative nonfiction. With drinks in hand, they braved the microphone and shared their greatest writings to an attentive audience.

“I haven’t done this sort of thing since high school,” said Rebekah Madden, junior English major. “But I really like reading my stuff. It felt awesome.”

The evening began at 6 p.m. as spectators wandered in, ordered drinks and appetizers and mingled with classmates and friends. Students, professors and families alike were there to listen to the talented writers showcase their pieces.

The topics were as diverse as the readers themselves, ranging from boobs, meatloaf and cancer to abandoning mothers, nudity and love.

“I’m always amazed at the level of talent we have in our undergrads,” said Dory Hammersley, EMA vice president.  “The EMA loves to give people the opportunity to share their work. So many writers are writing up a storm of beautiful pieces but don’t get the opportunity to publish or have others read them.”

Stephanie Couey, former EMA president, was the MC for the evening. She introduced each writer with a short bio, telling a little bit about themselves and their interests.

There were mothers, wives, husbands, experienced writers, beginners and those from all different walks of life.

There was at least one piece of writing for everyone to enjoy, with a good mix of poetry and short story forms. The audience laughed, sighed and clapped.

Quite the laidback atmosphere as writers read their pieces as the audience ate, drank and enjoyed listening to the talented individuals.

“We were very happy with the turnout,” Hammersley said. “Both with the audience and the quality of the submissions.”

Last semester’s EMA reading was cancelled due to low submissions, but this reading went to show that there is not a shortage of talented writers at Boise State. The EMA is hoping to schedule another reading sometime this semester. For more information, visit the English Major’s Association page on Facebook.

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