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West Coast Bias: Say it ain’t so, Titus

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

What has happened to Titus Young?  All it took was 10 days for two seperate teams to say “thanks but no thanks.” What gives?

For four years, Young was known as the “big-play” guy that could explode for a touchdown at any moment. The guy was plain and simply, the most dynamic football player Boise State has ever had.

After graduating from Boise State in 2011, Young was selected in the 2nd round of the NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions. Young’s momentum was at an all-time high.

Young would go on to have a stellar rookie campaign for the Lions, playing in 16 games while having 48 receptions, 607 yards and 6 touchdowns. The next year, in only 10 games, he had 33 receptions, 383 yards and 4 touchdowns; things were looking up for Young.

But on Dec. 4 2012, the Detroit Lions placed Young on the Injury Reserve (IR) list, ending his would-have -been great season. Technically, he was placed on the IR due to the knee problems he had been having throughout the season.

But if you were to ask any of the Lions management, it was because of his behavior on the team. The “last-straw” for the Lions’ management came when Young purposely lined-up in the wrong place on an offensive play due to him not getting the ball thrown his direction enough.

Adding to the list of behavioral or attitude problems Young has had in his professionial career, these antics have started at a young age.

In a 2007 video interview back in high school, Young’s uncle talked about Titus getting in trouble with his high school administration and football team in his 9th and 10th grade year.

In 2008, Young was suspended three games by Boise State Head Coach Chris Peterson for violating team rules. The 3-game suspension turned into a season-long suspension, ending his season after only playing in 3 games.

In May of 2012, Young was in an altercation where he “sucker-punched” teammate Louis Delmas. Young would also go onto to have several verbal disputes with Lions’ wide receiver coach Shawn Jefferson.

In December of 2012, Young told his High School football Head Coach E.C. Robinson that he was better than Calvin Johnson; Johnson being one of the most physically gifted and dominant receivers the NFL has ever seen.

Then, as said before, the Lions placed put the troubled Titus Young on IR for disciplinary reasons; which eventually lead to his release from the Lions on February 4th, 2013.

But all hope wasn’t lost for Young. Just one day after being cut from the Lions, the St. Louis Rams decided to pick-up Young from the waivers in hopes that he may get his act together.

Just 10 days after being added by the Rams, Young was cut once again.

“We spent probably four or five days with him, and as an organization, at the end of the interview process, you might call it, we felt it was best to go in another direction,” said Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher.

So what will come now of the disgruntled former star of Boise State football? Will he ever play in the NFL again? Only time will tell.

Maybe the Canadian Football League.

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