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State Board of Education convenes at Boise State

The State Board of Education (SBOE) is holding meetings at Boise State  Wednesday and today.

The session Wednesday, beginning at 1 p.m. is slated as a work session. The work session will include an update to the Board’s Complete College
Idaho Plan.

However, on Thursday at 8 a.m., the SBOE will reconvene in the Simplot Ballroom in the Student Union Building.

The morning will begin with a review and approval of the agenda and minutes before the open “forum

Students and other individuals interested in speaking in the open forum were required to sign up at least two days in advance and should be aware they will be limited to three minutes of speaking time.

Students who weren’t able to find time to sign up are encouraged to attend the meeting.

“I think if students want to show up, that would be great. Thursday will probably be the best day for students to show up. Their agenda is available on their website. The only thing I would say is not for students to expect a lot of action,” said Ryan Gregg, Associate Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) president.

Students who have signed up to speak should be aware the forum is not a platform to air personal matters, personal complaints, grievances or partisan political issues. Instead, it should be a place to voice concerns about potential tuition increases, or to tell the Board that Boise State needs to hire more professors or offer more class sessions, if students are in fact concerned about these things. This sounds a lot like we’re encouraging students to complain about these specific matters.

Keep in mind, members of the Board will not respond to any of the speakers during the open forum.  The comments or concerns voiced by speakers will be recorded and referred to the individual or institution best suited to address the comments.

“When students sign up and say, ‘I do listen, this is important to me,’ I think it does help,” said Stacy Pearson, vice president of Finance and Administration. “When they set their tuition and fees in April, typically the student leaders come up and we ask them to spend some time talking about if they support the tuition increase.”

The SBOE meets again in April to set tuition and potential fee increases. At this February meeting, students have the opportunity to tell the Board why they should or should not be paying more in tuition.

“That’s why I think students should care, it matters how long it takes for you to get your degree and start making money,” Gregg said. “If you stay in college another year, it’s not just your tuition, it’s your housing, and it’s your food and it’s your transportation, and then you add on the median salary that you’re not making.”

Gregg recommends students wear their Boise State colors and let people know students are interested.

“Seeing that students care about their meeting would be great. Rarely do students show up,” Gregg said. “I think they would appreciate the interest.”



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