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‘Like’ Dr. Picklestein to spread the fun of learning science

Fans of the colorful, entertaining and always educational Dr. Picklestein can now follow his science demonstrations, photos, videos, games and a lot more on his Facebook page.

Dr. Picklestein, alter ego of Henry A. Charlier, a Boise State associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, has shared his love for science with school children in classroom presentations all over Idaho. Charlier is now giving students a way to reach him online through Facebook.

“The other day a young teen told me about the impression one of my presentations made on her when she was in the fifth grade,” Charlier said. “She’s now in the ninth grade and wants to become a chemist and has an interest in engineering as well. Those are the stories that keep me going.

“I’m hoping that Facebook can help me motivate more young people to follow an interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).”

Dr. Picklestein’s Facebook page has posts to interest students of all ages, teachers and just about anyone who enjoys one of the STEM topics