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Club members persevere against poor snow

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

Alan Moore has spent many winter nights hoping and praying for snow this year, and so far, it hasn’t helped much. Moore is the president and directing manager of Bogus Basin Ski Area.  

“People know the conditions up at Bogus Basin pretty well, and they know it’s been kind of limited with regards to snow,” Moore said.

Little snow means Boise State Ski and Snowboard Club members are forced to look elsewhere to enjoy the outdoors.

Moore explained there are many factors that limit precipitation from reaching the Bogus Basin area, and weather reports can be misleading.

“The statisticians of the world call them independent variables, and there are just too many,” Moore said. “Including the jet stream, including the fact that we are up against a mountain in the valley, including the highs that sit just off the coast sometimes that keeps any weather from coming in.”

Ski and Snowboard Club members plan a once yearly excursion to a bigger resort but rely heavily on snow at Bogus Basin to have an active season.

“We have our annual trip to Jackson Hole, so that gives everyone a chance to get four days in,” said Ski and Snowboard Club President David Redinger. “But other than that, it’s hard to arrange car pools up to Bogus when nobody has the interest to go.”

Redinger said he and club members have made few trips to the Bogus Basin due to lack of snow.

Ski Club member and Bogus Basin employee Johnny Whittemore has been witness to the low snow levels this year, but claims that despite poor conditions, entertainment can still be found.

“The snow hasn’t been great, but the addition of the Mountain Dew terrain park helps a lot,” Whittemore said.

The 50 acre terrain park opened this year, and has provided relief to enthusiasts who are unhappy with snow conditions, but Redinger, Whittemore and club members have decided to spend more time and money at Brundage Resort.

Brundage Ski Resort is located two hours north of Boise.

“Right now I am in the process of planning at least two or three trips to Brundage before the semester is over,” Redinger said. “Their snow is better up there. We have someone who has a cabin up there,  so as long as we can get the right dates to go up and get the interest, we will be taking ten to twelve people up each time.”

Redinger says despite the lack of snow both this year and last, Ski and Snowboard Club membership has risen.

“We at least doubled, if not more, this year in membership compared to last year,” Redinger said. “Our Jackson Hole trip last year only had 18 members go, and this year we had 31.”

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